Sergey Bidun Photography is an award-winning wedding photography team that originated in 2008, and since then has documented hundreds of weddings, engagements and love stories all around the world. Our premier wedding photography studio is based in Sacramento, California and is honored to serve Northern California and anywhere in the world. Our wedding photographers are experienced in weddings of various cultures such as Persian, Indian, Chinese, and many more. As one of Sacramento Top Wedding Photographer teams, they are skilled to create the finest and the most honest photographs of your wedding day memories. Through gentle direction and guidance, Sergey Bidun and his team will help you look your absolute best on the most important day of your life. Together with our fine artist’s eye, technical mastery and photojournalist’s gift for anticipation and timing, we are unmatched when it comes to creating the images and experience that is the story of your love.

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Every wedding celebration is unique, as every couple is different and special. There’s something magical when friends and family come together to celebrate two people in love. To capture the day filled with tears, laughter, and love is really a privilege and very special to me, and that’s what I love in wedding photography. What I love the most is seeing my couples re-living their day when they look at their photos in custom wedding albums and remember their memories and especially the love.


Weddings, we have discovered, come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have these things in common: family, friends, tears, laughter, love and celebration. And this is what Sergey Bidun wedding photography is all about.  With every new project, our wedding photographer strives to seek a greater standard by creating an evolution of wedding art. As one of Sacramento top wedding photographers, I see it as a privilege to be able to capture a unique perspective of someone's intimate moment. With every moment that I capture, every interaction I have with people, the more beauty I find in life and that is what inspires me to create more wedding art!

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At Sergey Bidun photography, we believe having engagement photos prior to the wedding is almost as important as the wedding day photos. An engagement shoot is a perfect opportunity for clients to practice being in front of the camera, and get used to the idea of being intimate with their significant other in the presence of another person. In addition to helping clients get comfortable in front of the camera, the engagement photo session is also a great time to get familiar with the photographer. Every engagement photographer has a different style of directing and photographing people, and this is a great opportunity for you to get comfortable with our process and just get to know each other as friends. This way it will help us know how to get the best moments and interactions from you on your wedding day.

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The engagement photoshoot is a great opportunity to highlight the true personality of you in a more relaxed and natural environment. To add more value to your engagement session we can choose a location that is comfortable and special for you, and is a meaningful reflection of your personality. This adds a personal touch to the photos, and showcases them in a relaxed environment, that is a true reflection of your personality as a couple.

By the end of the session, you will have a good sense of my style and my direction, as well as receive beautiful pictures together in a more casual setting than the wedding.

Most clients who choose engagement or pre-wedding photos tend to use the photos as save the date cards, invitation cards, guest sign-in books, wedding website setup, as wells as blowing up in a beautiful large portrait as part of the reception decor.

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The Day After Session, also known as Post-Wedding Session is a day when the newlywed couple and a wedding photographer go on a romantic photo session, often times to a unique and interesting locations. These sessions have also been called Trash the Dress sessions, although wedding dress stays pretty much intact unless couple decides to get in the water and gets wet. There have been more and more couples interested in Day After Session, who said they wanted to enjoy their wedding day with family and friends, and leave the romantic portrait taking for another day. The Day After Session can be shot the day after the wedding, as the name suggests, or any time really: days, or even months after the wedding. When our Sacramento wedding photographer team photographs destination weddings, we insist that couples schedule a day after session, just so we can capture that gorgeous setting and not get caught up with wedding day busyness and miss the rad locations.

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Why do a Day After Session Here are a few reasons why Sergey Bidun Photography believes Day After Sessions are a wonderful idea for wedding couples. Day after photoshoots are a great opportunity to wear your wedding outfits again and have a carefree, fashion-inspired photography session with your favorite wedding photographer, without the time restraints of the wedding day. We find most clients are much more relaxed on these photoshoots as they’re not worrying about keeping guests waiting or keeping to their wedding day timeline. One of the biggest benefits of having Day After Session with Sacramento wedding photographer near me, is that you can have your photoshoot at any romantic location of your choice! Some couples choose an area that’s similar to their wedding venue, while others go for a completely different location and this is something we can discuss when you are arranging your day after session with Sergey Bidun Wedding Photography. Another huge benefit is if the weather is terrible on the wedding day, no worries, we can still get those romantic shots you've been dying for.

With so many benefits to arranging a day after wedding photoshoot, it’s easy to see why more and more newlywed couples are taking advantage of the opportunity. Don’t miss out! If you’re interested, contact Sergey Bidun Wedding Photography about adding a Day After Session to your photo package. You won’t regret it.


Sergey Bidun wedding photography studio is a full service studio that not only provides photography services but also offers a wide variety of artwork for your home. We strongly believe that our couples deserve high end experience from start to finish, and wedding photography artwork is one of essential parts of it.

As one of Sacramento’s top wedding and portrait photography studios, we offer a variety of quality art products when it comes to preserving your memories for generations to come: from premium leather albums, to gallery wrapped canvases or metal wedding art portraits. One of the best ways of displaying your favorite images is by hanging beautiful wedding art at your home. All of our wedding collections include digital images as well as personalized online gallery which is convenient for web and social media sharing, and adding a beautiful leather album or a contemporary metal wall art portrait is something you might want to invest in!


Our Custom Leather Photo Albums beautifully chronicle all the beautiful, emotional and fun moments that we have captured of you during the wedding day photography. At Sergey Bidun Photography we use only highest quality photo album companies to provide our clients with timeless, classic wedding albums. Premium wedding albums range in sizes from 8x8 to 12x12 and start at 20 pages. Photo Books come in Leather or Linen cover, depending on client’s style and preference.


Premium Gallery Wraps are an elegant way to present your favorite engagement or wedding day portraits. Your portrait is printed on premier art canvas, and beautifully wrapped around a 1-1/2” wood stretcher frame. Canvas Gallery Wraps come ready to hang, and you can conveniently hang them up at your home. The canvas texture gives your images a unique and sophisticated feel that many of our couples love! Our Premium Gallery Wraps are a truly luxurious addition to any home decor. Custom sizes available upon request.


This contemporary presentation is one of the most popular ways to display wedding wall art portraits. Your images are preserved by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets for a clean and lasting finish. The Metal Art Prints will show off vibrant colors in a way no other medium can. Sergey Bidun will have your most captivating wedding portraits take on life-like depth and dimension for an impressive display that you will absolutely love. Metal Art Prints give your home décor an ultra-modern and contemporary feel. Display one Metal Art Print for a dramatic stand-alone statement, group any amount together for an attention-grabbing wall collage, it’s all up to your imagination! Custom sizes available upon request.

Sergey Bidun wedding photography studio captures a work of art through their journalistic instinct to document the timeless, unexpected moments that make up your perfect and unforgettable day. Our artistic vision allows us to deliver wedding photos that are organic, exquisite and a true reflection of your wedding day. Our images can be intimate or vibrant, radiate with warmth or edge, the feeling of that instant is captured with great precision.

Sergey Bidun is skilled to create the finest and the most honest photography of your wedding day memories.. We offer luxury wedding photographer services in Sacramento, California and are recognized as some of the top Sacramento Wedding Photographers.

What a treasure it is to capture real, significant moments in a thoughtful way.  Artful pictures are great, meaningful images are priceless, and combining the two is the mail goal at Sergey Bidun wedding photography studio.

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